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Book Review: Spice Wise Too

  1. Almost everyone eats too much salt, which is very unhealthy. It can cause high blood pressure, which increases your risk of cardiovascular disease. How do you cook tasty dishes without salt? Master chef and experience expert Michel Hanssen previously made a cookbook full of recipes that do not require salt. Due to its great success, there is now a sequel: 'Spice Wise Too'. Sensational recipes with spice blends, all without salt.

  1. Master chef Michel Hanssen suffered a heart attack and was no longer allowed to eat added salt. He thought he would never really enjoy food again. Salt enhances how well you taste other flavors. Moreover, you get used to it easily, so we have started to eat more and more salty. If you suddenly omit all the salt, your food quickly becomes a very bland bite. What now? Hanssen stops adding salt from one day to the next and eating salty products. It takes six weeks, but just when he thinks it will never be okay, it gets better.

Homemade spice mixes

  1. Hanssen uses mixtures of spices instead of salt. Spice Wise Too kicks off with its top 10 homemade spice blends, such as chicken, cajun, and fish seasoning, american rub, and vegetable sprinkle seasoning. With numerous spices and herbs such as curry, paprika, caraway, oregano, chives ... you can almost smell the delicious scents when you read it! You will then be presented with all kinds of recipes and combination ideas where you can apply those mixes. Plus many more spice mix recipes with a dish on the side. Salt-free broth may seem like an impossible task, but Hanssen has come up with something for that too. Once you have made his stock, it can serve as the basis for all kinds of soups. And also for savory snacks, sauces and dressings, the cook came up with tasty variants in which you don't miss the salt at all.

Keep on enjoying Spice Wise Too is a beautiful, bulky cookbook, with very diverse recipes. Meat, curries, vegetarian recipes, soups, snacks, everyday dishes and festive dinners. Thanks to a schedule with which herbs go well with different types of meat, fish and vegetables, you can also experiment with them. A very useful book for anyone who wants to cook with less salt, but wants to continue to enjoy good food. SVH Master chef Michel Hanssen was in the kitchen at various international (star) restaurants and was head chef at Kasteel Erenstein in Kerkrade, Kurhaus Scheveningen and Hotel Pulitzer in Amsterdam. He worked as a product and concept developer, business advisor and food stylist for photography for various companies and chains. In addition, as a freelance teacher, he gave workshops to professional chefs and lessons at the 'star class', the preliminary process for the SVH Master Chef diploma. He previously made the cookbook Spice Wise. More information can be found on the website Spice Wise. Also read 7 tips to eat less salt This contains a shocking amount of salt

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