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Breast rash: causes of rash and breast lumps

  1. Breast rash indicates redness and irritation of the skin on your breasts. A breast rash may also include itchy, scaly, painful areas, and blisters or bumps. A rash on the breasts can be quite irritating because of the itching. The skin on the breasts can respond to a number of triggers with redness, swelling, itching, pain, or other symptoms. Many different factors can cause a rash, from harmless to serious. Sometimes the cause of a rash is obvious, such as exposure to the poison ivy. This plant is notorious for the sap that can cause a serious allergic rash in many people. Often times, a rash appears on the skin for no apparent cause but disappears spontaneously within a few days. Rash on the breasts needs special attention. In some cases, a chest rash can be a sign of breast cancer. For this reason, any chest rash should be examined by your doctor.

Causes of breast rash

  1. Most types of breast rashes have the same causes as a rash

Prognosis of bumps and rash on the breasts

  1. Fortunately, most breast rashes are not dangerous and respond well to treatment if properly diagnosed. Consult your doctor in good time and stick to the treatment he or she prescribes.

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