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Breastfeeding? This is how you stimulate milk production

  1. After the birth of your baby, it takes a few days for the milk production to start properly. Of course you want production to be maintained afterwards. And that is not always easy. These time-tested grandmother drinks help keep you breastfeeding for as long as you need to. It takes time to prepare the 'brews', but they are definitely worth it! Some may find it strange ingredients, but don't let that put you off.


  1. Colostrum Three proven drinks from grandmother's days that stimulate milk production when breastfed Breastfeeding shake Breastfeeding tea Barley water Ingredients Finally, a boost Do not forget...


  1. It may take three to five days for the milk to be produced after the birth of your baby

Finally, a boost

  1. An important factor is that you eat a varied and sufficient diet. This will improve the quality of the milk. After all, breast milk contains many proteins, vitamins and calories, which come from the diet

Don't forget ...

  1. Breastfeeding needs more calories (30%), more protein (45%) and more vitamins, including folic acid (50%). Drink about three liters a day, such as mineral water and fruit tea. By the way, there is also special tea for nursing mothers on the market.

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