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Calories at the snack bar, Italian and Chinese

  1. Eating out or picking up food is difficult if you want to lose weight and thus keep the number of calories under control. Still, you can safely eat at the Chinese, Italian or snack bar. Make a conscious choice for only fries with ketchup instead of an entire menu. Or have a lasagna instead of a pizza in a pizzeria. Or just say I eat less this afternoon, because tonight I want that pancake with cheese. Make a conscious choice on the basis of this list. If you count your calories, you can lose weight and still eat your favorite things.


  1. When you take out food, it is often difficult to determine how many calories


  1. You will be at the pizzeria

Snack bar

  1. It is better to pass the snack bar if you want to lose weight. But if you really can't resist, make the right choice. And choose one dish rather than a whole menu

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