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Can I eat fish with spinach or lettuce?

  1. It is fine to combine nitrate-rich vegetables such as spinach or lettuce with fish or shellfish, such as mussels. This can be done several times a week. Eating these nitrate-rich vegetables does not pose a health risk. This has become apparent from analysis data from the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) from 2014. It is therefore no problem to combine fish with nitrate-rich vegetables. Moreover, it does not matter how often you eat nitrate-rich vegetables per week.

Old research

  1. It was previously advised not to combine these products. The nitrate in nitrate-rich vegetables can be converted into nitrite and subsequently into harmful nitrosamines. Especially in combination with fish and shellfish nitrosamines are formed, but this level is so low that the risk to health is very small.

  1. Safety first When there is uncertainty about the safety of a substance that consumers consume through food, a precautionary principle applies. If we cannot rule out whether a suspicious substance in our food poses a health risk, then we choose the safety of our food. We then use a restrictive advice.

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