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Can I replace vegetables with fruit in my diet?

  1. If you eat little vegetables, you cannot eat extra fruit 'instead'. Fruits and vegetables contain various nutrients, such as vitamins and minerals. There are also different amounts of nutrients in vegetables than in fruit. Eating enough fruit and vegetables reduces the risk of some diseases such as heart diseases, certain forms of it cancer and type 2 diabetes. This applies to both fruit and vegetables.

Protection against diseases

  1. It is not clear how fruit and vegetables protect against disease. Probably this is due to the various minerals, vitamins, fibers and other substances (such as carotenoids and antioxidants) in fruits and vegetables. But how that protective effect exactly how it works, we don't know. The way the different fabrics cooperation in fruit and vegetables probably plays a role.

  1. Enough vegetables and fruit Because fruits and vegetables advise differing in nutrients the Nutrition Center to take 250 grams of vegetables as well as 200 grams (2 servings) of fruit a day food. It is also important to vary within fruit and vegetables, that's how you get as many different nutrients as possible.

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