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Can you still eat after eight o'clock in the evening?

  1. Anything you eat after eight in the evening is turned straight into fat. That is what we are generally told. But does every snack in front of the TV go directly to your hips? In other words: is eating in the evening really that bad?

  1. Sooner or later everyone will be told: "You shouldn't eat anything after eight in the evening, because that is immediately converted into fat". Your body would go into low-power mode at night, which stops your food from burning. But is that really so? Does food make you fat after eight hours? No, the time you eat has nothing to do with your weight. In Spain and other Mediterranean countries, one would weigh more pounds if there was any truth to this story. After all, they don't sit down there before eight o'clock. You only gain weight when you eat more calories than you need.

Fast pull

  1. The danger of eating late is that you will fill the time between lunch and dinner with high-calorie snacks. After all, it is tempting to take a handful of chips or nuts to satisfy the appetite. And those are just the extras that turn on. And you probably won't eat anything less for it at dinner. It is therefore wiser to satisfy a quick appetite with some tomatoes or a piece of cucumber.

Snacking in front of the TV

  1. Even if you have eaten at a normal time, hunger can strike after eight. Nothing wrong with that, were it not that we generally reach for a bag of chips that is eaten during the film. Often this is accompanied by alcohol, which contains only empty calories. So you don't get fat from eating after eight hours, but what you eat after eight.


  1. There's nothing wrong with fruit or a bowl of yoghurt in the evening. In fact, your metabolism works better when you eat something every few hours. Just make sure you have healthy snacks at home so that you don't mindlessly stuff unhealthy things like biscuits, chocolate, chips and brie toasts.

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