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Coconut, a fruit with healing power

  1. A coconut is a fruit that is used for many purposes. He is super healthy. In the tropics, coconut palms grow all over the beach. He likes to stand in the sand along salt water. The tree searches for fresh water with its roots. Sometimes a fallen coconut starts a long journey via the sea. A coconut has a thick hairy shell with a rock-hard shell on the inside, so that the seawater does not penetrate. It floats very well and easily floats a few hundred kilometers to the next island to establish itself as a tree.

Medicinal benefits of coconut

  1. Coconut water and coconut: Botanical drawing coconut / Source: Franz Eugen Köhler, Köhler's Medizinal-Pflanzen, Wikimedia Commons (Public domain) is good for the brain, Has antibacterial effects, Is good for the heart and blood vessels, Works against cancer, Works against diabetes, Promotes digestion and nutrient absorption, Is good for epilepsy, Prevents and cures Alzheimer's and other neurological diseases, Works against HIV / AIDS and other STDs, Ensures healthy intestines, Provides healthy liver, Ensures healthy kidneys, Provides good energy balance, Cures all kinds of skin diseases, Controls weight problems.

Fresh coconut

  1. From the coconut tree

Fresh, green coconut

  1. In the Netherlands you don't see fresh coconut very often. You see the coconut with the brown, hairy skin, but a fresh coconut with the green outside around it is less often seen. Incidentally, there are also varieties with a yellow exterior. Open the hairy coconut by opening one of the three holes on top of each coconut. The woody shell is rock hard, but those holes are easy to open with a sturdy knife or screwdriver. This is the same place where a coconut crab

Eating tips coconut

  1. Grated coconut is delicious with rice. When the rice is almost cooked, you can add grated coconut for a tasty coconut rice. In the morning it is tasty, nutritious and filling to put grated coconut in a homemade muesli. If you like to bake cookies, coconut is a good idea to mix in. Coconut is widely used in raw food dieticians' unbaked pastries. Those are super delicious pastries without even one grain of sugar.

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