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Cow's milk allergy (kma) in babies: facts and feeding tips

  1. In this article you can find information and tips if your child has a cow's milk protein allergy or soy allergy. You have to quickly think about what to do with your child's food because this allergy has a major effect on the health of your baby. Fortunately, subject to some research, there are a number of options for a varied diet as a breastfeeding mother or child with allergies.

Cow's milk protein allergy or intolerance

  1. The figures for cow's milk protein allergy or intolerance in babies have unfortunately skyrocketed in recent years. This is not to be confused with a lactose intolerance in which people cannot tolerate the milk sugars. With cow's milk protein allergy, it is specifically the proteins that cause problems. Often it also happens that a cross allergy with soy arises, which of course makes nutrition even more difficult.

Breastfeeding or formula

  1. Although it is an adaptation, breastfeeding is still best for children with a cow's milk protein or soy allergy. These children already have sensitive intestines and breastfeeding remains easy to digest. It also costs nothing while special milk powders can be very expensive. It is quite a process to find a suitable type of milk, especially if there is also a soy allergy. Of course it is sometimes difficult for the mother to change the entire diet. Milk, butter, cheese and cream are used in many products and it takes some time to read everything carefully and adjust your diet. Sometimes it can also be better to switch to a special food because then you can be sure that you do not accidentally eat the wrong product. Every situation is different and it is best to always consult with a pediatrician.

Please note!

  1. Milk and soy are often "hidden" in food. Names such as whey powder, casein and milk powder also refer to milk! Lactic acid and lactate have nothing to do with it. Also things like processed meat (ground beef), breadcrumbs, bread and flour improvers can contain milk or soy. Prepackaged bread should clearly state what is in it so this is usually safer.

Foods without milk or soy

  1. Here is a limited list of suggestions to use when breastfeeding and dieting.

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