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Cuticle inflammation (paronychia): symptoms and treatment

  1. What is cuticle infection or paronychia and what can you do about cuticle infection? An inflammation of the fold of skin around a finger or toenail (nail wall) is called paronychia, or cuticle inflammation. The nail wall becomes painful (to the touch) and swells, either suddenly - called acute paronychia - or gradually - called chronic paronychia. This depends on the cause. The condition can - certainly if left untreated - affect one or more nails. The treatment of paronychia consists of medicines and self-care measures. Only rarely is surgical treatment required. In mild cases of cuticle inflammation, a bath with soda several times a day can help.

What is cuticle inflammation?

  1. Paronychia is the medical term for an inflammation of the cuticle or the wall of the nail of a fingernail or toenail. The nail wall is the skin around the nails and the cuticle is the edge of the skin that connects to the nail. It is a common condition, in which two forms can be distinguished: the acute form that occurs suddenly and the chronic form that develops gradually and often also lasts longer. Chronic paronychia is usually seen in the "ingrown toenail"

Diagnosis and investigation

  1. History and physical examination

Cuticle inflammation treatment: ointment and soda

  1. Bath with soda

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