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Dehydration symptoms: baby, child, adults, elderly

  1. Dehydration symptoms include headache, dry mouth, marked thirst, dry eyes, decreased urination, weight loss, nausea, muscle cramps (especially hands, legs and feet), drowsiness, confusion and eventual fainting. The body of an adult has a daily fluid requirement of approximately 2 liters under normal circumstances. Insufficient fluid intake and / or excessive fluid loss, for example due to persistent diarrhea, a lot of sweating or vomiting, causes the body to dry out. This is also referred to as 'dehydration'.

Dehydration symptoms

  1. Dehydration Causes dehydration Dehydration due to reduced fluid intake Dehydration due to increased moisture loss Dehydration symptoms Symptoms Dehydration symptoms babies and children Dehydration symptoms of the elderly Possible treatment for (imminent) dehydration

Dehydration symptoms

  1. Symptoms

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