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Dental erosion: Wear of tooth enamel with sensitive teeth

  1. Enamel (enamel) is the thin, translucent, hard outer layer of the tooth. The tooth enamel covers the crown, the part of the tooth that is visible outside the gum. Tooth enamel protects the teeth against daily use such as chewing, biting and grinding and in addition, enamel also protects the teeth from potentially painful temperatures and chemicals. Enamel does not contain living cells and therefore damaged tooth enamel cannot be repaired by the body when it is damaged by being present in the body or being introduced from outside. Sensitive teeth, a different tooth color and tooth pain are some of the signs of dental erosion. Treatment consists of placing fillings or other dental appliances. Finally, various tips are available to prevent or reduce dental erosion.

Causes: Wear of tooth enamel

  1. Dental plaque Dental plaque is a sticky layer consisting of saliva

Symptoms: Sensitive teeth and toothache

  1. The clinical picture of dental erosion is variable and depends on the stage. Certain foods (sweets) and food temperatures (hot or cold) may cause dental pain in the early stages of dental erosion because the enamel thins. As the enamel erodes and more dentin (dentin: calcium-containing substance in teeth) becomes visible, the teeth get a different tooth color, especially yellow because the dark-colored dentin becomes more and more visible. The edges of teeth take on a rougher, more irregular and jagged texture as the enamel erodes. Furthermore, the teeth and molars are sometimes also smaller. In later stages of dental erosion, teeth become extremely sensitive to temperatures and sweets (sensitive teeth). Notches appear on the tooth surface. When the enamel erodes, the tooth is more prone to cavities or tooth decay. Tooth decay may eventually lead to a tooth abscess

Prevention of enamel loss

  1. Increase saliva It is important to have more water

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