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Do an early pregnancy test before the expected period

  1. With an early pregnancy test you can test whether you are pregnant from four to five days before your expected period. An early pregnancy test is extra sensitive to the hCG level in the urine. This increases every day from the moment there is implantation in the uterus. Where a regular pregnancy test only picks up this value from the day you would normally have your period, an early test can do this a few days earlier. The main drawback, however, is that a lot can still go wrong in these first days and the rate of early miscarriage is still relatively high.

Early pregnancy test

  1. How does an early pregnancy test work? Difference ordinary and early pregnancy test The cons of an early pregnancy test What early pregnancy tests are there?

Normal and early pregnancy test difference

  1. The difference between a regular and an early pregnancy test is that the early test is much more sensitive to the hCG hormone pick-up. The packaging indicates which mIU / mL hCG value the test needs to be positive. In an early test, this is often from 10 to 25 mIU / mL

The Disadvantages of an Early Pregnancy Test

  1. If you take an early pregnancy test, it is important that you are also aware of the disadvantages. You test whether there has been fertilization of an egg. However, much can go wrong between fertilization and the completion of implantation in the uterus. For example, there is often an early miscarriage

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