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Do I need extra vitamin D?

  1. Even if you eat healthy, you do not always get enough vitamin D. You need vitamin D for strong bones and teeth. Sunlight and good nutrition are important to get enough vitamin D, but you may still need extra vitamin D.

Do you need a vitamin D supplement?

  1. People who need to take extra vitamin D are: children up to 4 years old, the elderly, pregnant women and people with dark skin. But also people who do not get enough sunlight on their skin, because, for example, they don't get out much or wear a veil. The table below shows the vitamin D recommendations per group.

Buy Vitamin D Supplements

  1. You can buy vitamin D supplements in the form of drops, capsules or tablets at the pharmacy or drugstore. Cheaper house brands are just as good as the more expensive A brands. Usually the label will state vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol), and sometimes D2 (ergocalciferol). Preferably choose a supplement with vitamin D3, the more active form of vitamin D. The amount of microgram is stated on the label. Microgram is usually written with the abbreviation µg or mcg. Not sure how many pills or drops you need? Then ask your pharmacist for advice.

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