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Do I need extra vitamins and minerals?

  1. With a healthy and varied diet it is possible to get all the necessary nutrients. That is why if you eat enough, healthy and varied food according to the Wheel of Five, you do not have to be afraid of a shortage of vitamins, minerals or fatty acids. In addition, foods also provide a lot of other nutrients. There is no good reason for most people to use extra vitamins and minerals. It provides no additional health benefit. An excess of some vitamins can even be harmful when used for a long time. Read for which vitamins and minerals this applies.

Special Advice

  1. For a few groups, special advice applies to take vitamins in the form of a daily tablet or droplets. Read more about vitamin D advice.

  1. Special groups In special cases, you may need extra vitamins and minerals due to a nutrient deficiency. This can occur when you eat too little or have a one-sided diet.


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