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Do superfoods exist?

  1. Yes and no. Yes, because vegetables, fruit, tea, nuts and fish are all super products. And no, because some products labeled "superfoods" are wrongly attributed all kinds of positive effects.

What does the superfood label mean?

  1. There are all kinds of products such as superfoods in the shop. Think goji berries, chia seeds and coconut fat. These types of products are said to work wonders for your body due to a high level of nutrients. But real panacea unfortunately do not exist. The term superfoods is not legally defined, so anyone can use it.


  1. You might think it will benefit it not, then it does not harm? That is not entirely true. For example from Goji berries are known to cause complaints such as nausea and vomiting may occur. There have also been some cases known of allergic reactions after eating goji berries in people who already have had a food allergy. If you are pregnant, do not eat goji berries as a precaution.

Varied food

  1. Not just one product, but a varied diet keeps you fit. In fact, all products from the Wheel of Five

Which super products are in the Wheel of Five?

  1. The Wheel of Five says for example: All types of vegetables (vary) All kinds of fruit (vary) (Fatty fish Unsalted nuts Tea Whole-wheat products Legumes In the Wheel of Five for you you can see how all these products merge into a varied diet.

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