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Do you get sick if you eat fruit that has had fruit flies, maggots or other insects in or on?

  1. I took a bite out of a strawberry and was shocked to see that a maggot was just hatching! Maybe I also accidentally ingested such an insect. I threw the strawberry right away, but now I wonder: do you get sick if you eat fruit that has had fruit flies, maggots or other insects in or on?

  1. Patricia Schutte, nutritionist Fruit flies and other insects like heat and the smell of rot. Fruit flies lay their eggs in warm places near (over) ripe or rotting fruit or other food scraps. This can be done in the pantry or on the counter, but also, for example, in the rubbish bin. Maggots can form from the eggs and develop into new fruit flies.

Fruit flies contaminate food

  1. Fruit flies can spread bacteria, yeast cells or fungi from one place to another. And so they can contaminate other foods if they can reach them. These bacteria and fungi accelerate the rotting process of food, which in turn attracts fruit flies. If you eat food that contains fruit flies or insects, you will not automatically get sick. If the fruit still looks cool and you wash it properly, you can just eat it. If you see maggots or larvae in your food, it is spoiled and you are advised to throw it away. If you accidentally ingest a maggot or fly, this is not harmful.

This way you prevent flies in and on your food Tips to prevent flies from getting on or in your food: Wash used glasses immediately, especially if they have contained juice or soft drinks. Do not leave cut fruit, fruit peels or opened cartons or bottles of fruit juice or sugary drinks in the kitchen or living room. Clean up full garbage bags and other waste immediately. Immediately remove trash that contains flies. Clean the wheelie bin and / or rubbish bin regularly. Cover your fruit bowl with a fly cap if necessary. Don't: Do not leave glasses of fruit, juice, lemonade or lemonade to â € catchâ € ™. That is precisely what they come to, according to a handbook from the AID, the German food information service. Do you also have a question? Ask one of our experts. Always go to your doctor with urgent questions, the experts are not the right person for that. They also don't make diagnoses. You can find the other conditions here. Patricia Schutte has been working for more than 25 years as an information officer at the Netherlands Nutrition Center in The Hague. She answers questions about healthy, sustainable and safe food. Also read Keep insects away Don't miss anything anymore?

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