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Do you need to wash raw chicken with water before cooking it?

  1. Good question! In this section, HealthNet will look for the answers to gnawing questions. This time: should you wash raw chicken with water before cooking it?

  1. It is a persistent myth that you should wash raw chicken with water before cooking. Many people think that they then rinse off any bacteria, such as salmonella or Campylobacter bacteria. But nothing could be further from the truth: by rinsing chicken under the tap, they end up on your hands, in the sink and on your counter top, which increases the chance of infection.

Heat through and through

  1. The only way to kill all bacteria is to heat it well. Heat it through and through, until it is completely white inside. Also pay close attention to the expiration date when you buy chicken. Eat it before the use-by date.

Watch out for cross contamination

  1. Also watch out for cross contamination. If you cut chicken on a cutting board, and then cut the vegetables on the same cutting board or with the same knife, you will also contaminate the vegetables. Buy a separate cutting board for meat and use it only for that. Always clean them well after use with hot water and washing-up liquid.

Wash hands

  1. Also always wash your hands very well after touching and cutting raw meat. Store chicken meat in the refrigerator at 4 ° C, on a low shelf at the back. You can keep raw chicken meat longer by freezing or preparing it. Prepared meat can be kept for another two days in the refrigerator. Do you also have a good question? Send us an email.

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