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Does a dish with alcohol become alcohol-free after heating?

  1. If you use alcohol in a dish, some of it evaporates or evaporates, but there is always something left behind. from As a precaution, we therefore advise you not to eat these types of dishes if you are pregnant or give to children. There are many ways to use alcohol in recipes. Think of a sauce of red or white wine, liqueur in tiramisu, flambéed banana, liqueur bonbons and mussels stewed in beer. In each of these recipes contains a small amount of alcohol. How much depends depending on the cooking method you used and how long it heats is.

Alcohol after cooking and stewing

  1. After more than 2 hours of braising dishes to which alcohol has been added, more than 90% of the alcohol has disappeared. With shorter heating, such as with a sauce, more alcohol remains behind: approx. 40% after heating for 15 minutes.

Alcohol after flambéing

  1. After flambéing, about 75% of the alcohol remains in the dish. Flambéing is the setting on fire of a preheated strong alcoholic drink, which is poured over a prepared dish.

  1. Alcohol during storage When stored in the refrigerator or at room temperature of dishes or sauces containing alcohol, the alcohol content may decrease by 10 to 20%.

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