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Doubt about the best before date: can you still eat this or not?

  1. Many products have an expiration date, such as a carton of orange juice, pre-packaged vegetables, meat, fish, soups and sauces. The expiry date applies to closed products. It is sometimes difficult to determine whether you can still eat or drink something safely if it is past the date. And what do you do if a package has already been opened, but the expiry date has not yet been reached? Do you throw it away or eat it anyway?

Difference best before and use by

  1. On packaging you often find the indication "te use until "(use-by-date) or" best before "(best before). "Use until" state on products that spoil quickly, such as fresh (raw) fish and fresh (raw) meat. The use-by date indicates that the product is safe to use until the stated date, after which there may be risks for the health action. That's because at fresh fish and fresh meat bacteria quickly can grow. If it is out of date, opened or unopened, throw it away. For products with a The 'best before' date is different. There the date means one quality guarantee. If the product is out of date, it will not immediately say that it is no longer safe to eat, but that the quality is deteriorating may have gone. You can notice this in the color, smell and taste, for example. Examples of products with a best before date are milk, orange juice, pasta, rice and canned vegetables.

Using the senses

  1. For products with a 'best before' date you can often use your senses. Looks the product still there good looking? Doesn't it have lumps, mold or rotten spots? If so, then throw it away. Does it still smell good? Is the smell very musty or overbearing, don't eat it. Taste a little. If it tastes bad, don't eat it. For products with a 'Use by date' (such as fresh fish and fresh meat) the following applies: is it over the date, then throw it away. Even if the packaging is still closed. A few examples: For fresh fish, meat and chicken fillet applies: eat the same day after opening. Cold cuts such as ham and sausage can be kept in the refrigerator for 4 days after opening. Pre-packaged cut vegetables: a maximum of one day after opening Smoked salmon: 2 days after opening Milk: 3 to 5 days after opening Orange juice: 3 to 7 days after opening In the online Bewaarwijzer you can find out how long you can keep a product and get useful tips.

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