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Dress as timeless as a Parisienne

  1. Do you also linger in front of your wardrobe every morning or before you go out because you have nothing to wear again? Are you tired of having to buy a lot of new garments every season? Do you want to dress well and stylishly for every occasion, without having to spend tons of money? Are you a bit lost in terms of clothing style? Do you think you are too old to follow the fashion trends, but do you want to look good? The answer to all these questions can be found in the Parisienne's dress style. Fortunately, you don't have to be born in Paris to have the Parisian style of dress.


  1. Why is a Parisian's dress style timeless The rules of the Parisienne The seven basic pieces for the "made in Paris" look

Why is a Parisian's dress style timeless

  1. The Parisienne doesn't fall into fashion traps. Although she is up to date, she is not a fashion victim who slavishly follows fashion; her style is also timeless. Fashion should be fun for her. The style of the Parisienne can be summarized as follows: she adheres to some golden rules, but occasionally breaks them too. The Parisienne is above all chic, and she demands quality

The rules of the Parisienne

  1. The Parisienne is averse to bling bling; glitter, logos and well-known brands are wasted on her. The Parisienne does not wear everything in one style; she knows how to combine chic and cheap. The Parisienne likes to discover new brands. The Parisienne only wears clothes that she feels good in, and that suits her body and lifestyle. The Parisienne has no fashion idols. The Parisienne knows which fashion rules may be broken.

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