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Dry lips: causes and tips chapped lips and skin

  1. Dry lips? Comfort yourself, you are not the only one who is bothered by it. Most people suffer from dry or chapped lips from time to time, with loose skin on your lips and sometimes (painful) chapping. Conditions such as a chilly wind, cold and prolonged stay in centrally heated rooms can quickly lead to dry and even painfully chapped lips. There is a lot you can do to counter or treat this - and prevent it. First of all, you shouldn't lick your lips. Since saliva evaporates quickly, your lips are drier after you lick them than before. Also, don't use flavored lip balms. In summer and during winter sports, use a lip balm with sunscreen. It prevents your lips from burning. Cover your mouth when you go out into the cold. Cold air, in particular, can dry your lips. Protect your lips in winter temperatures by covering them with a scarf. And drink enough!

Effects of licking your lip

  1. What happens if you keep moistening your lips with your tongue? When you have dry lips, you may have a strong tendency to moisten them with the tongue. This only provides relief for a few seconds, but then the lips dry out even further. Enzymes in the saliva further damage the damaged skin. Regular licking of dry lips can eventually lead to lip lick eczema

Care for dry lips

  1. Choose the right lip balm

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