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EVP aka band voices

  1. Is it really the case that the deceased still try to contact us? They try to tell us something else through EVP, but what exactly is EVP.

EVP and skeptics

  1. Electronic voting phenomena is one of the most fascinating areas of research in the paranormal today. The human sounding voices of unknown origin are recorded on such electronic devices as tape recorder, VCR and other devices. The strange thing is that the voices are not heard at the time of the recording. It is only when the recording is repeated that the voices are heard.

Where do they come from

  1. It is true that the quality of EVP images differs greatly. Some are of such low quality that we have to guess what the voice is saying. However, there are also many that are quite clear and commonly categorized as Class A recordings. These EVPs are the best evidence for a phenomenon that is still not fully understood.

A fate worse than death?

  1. There are EVPs indicating full human personalities and emotions. These people are not only self-aware, but their interactions with researchers indicate that they are aware of the living. They can hear us and see us. Do they know they are dead? Do they know we are alive?

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