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Eye ointments eye gels: Use of tips with eye ointment eye gel

  1. Many eye problems are treated via eye drops, but the ophthalmologist sometimes also prescribes eye ointments or eye gels. These go directly to the eye and therefore work faster than a medicine that the patient takes by mouth. Eye ointments or eye gels are medicines in an oily, semi-solid form. They melt with body heat. Once the patient applies ointment to the eye, the ointment breaks down into small drops. These hang between the eyeball and the eyelid for a while. This gives the medicine time to take effect. It is important that these medications are used correctly in order to avoid eye infections and other irritation to the eye. Some advice prevents eye problems and makes it easier to apply eye gels and eye ointments.

Prescription of eye ointment or eye gel by the ophthalmologist

  1. The ophthalmologist should always be aware of the use of medicines, vitamins and natural supplements as these may interfere with the prescribed eye ointment or eye gel or other medicines. Also a (possible) pregnancy or breastfeeding

Use of eye ointment tube or eye gel

  1. Beforehand The patient first washes their hands. It is important that they are clean before applying the ointment as dirty hands increase the risk of eye infections. Furthermore, the patient does the contact lenses

Useful tips

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