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Fashion: Valentino

  1. Valentino Garavani is a famous fashion designer, born in Italy on May 11, 1932. His creations are worn all over the world. in 2007 he celebrated his 45th anniversary in fashion. A new collection is still presented twice a year. Spring / Summer Fall / Winter.

Valentino Garavani

  1. A famous fashion designer from Italy is Valentino Garavani.

Haute Couture

  1. Haute couture is the pinnacle of fashion, created by fashion designers working for a select market. Only one (or sometimes a few) copies of the garments will be made. The garments are tailor-made for the wearer. From the finest fabrics and using the most refined techniques, all couture pieces are made by hand. This makes the difference with the so-called prêt-à-porter or ready-to-wear; fashion that is simply ready to wear and therefore not made to measure. The prêt-à-porter is often a translation of haute couture into everyday life: long evening dresses, with sometimes extravagant details and fabrics.

Unique creations by Valentino

  1. Valentino is best known for his beautiful evening dresses and his preference for a bright red color. His love for this color originated in his youth. In the opera he saw a beautiful elegant woman with a red evening dress. This experience still inspires the design of his collection.

Some striking Valentino creations

  1. In 1968, Valentino was the one who was allowed to design Jacqueline Kennedy's wedding dress for her wedding to Aristotle Onassis. In 1984 he designed the uniforms for the Italian athletes for the Olympic Games. In 2002 Valentino was asked to design the wedding dress for Maxima's wedding to Prince Willem-Alexander.

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