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Food and pregnancy

  1. Modern man considers himself superior to traditionally living peoples. That is unjustified. There are many areas in which traditionally living people excel. In traditional cultures people pay close attention to the food of the expectant mother. This sometimes starts months before the pregnancy and continues until the breastfeeding period. Traditional cultures are much more keen on healthy food for mothers than Westerners. Of course, modern Western people have access to technology, computers and communication equipment. But that is not a standard for well-being in society. There are many more important things that determine the standard of living.

Ethnic peoples lecturing Westerners

  1. Ethnic peoples such as the Eskimos, Indians, Papuans, Polynesians and Africans excel in many ways over Western man. Even in appearance. Many people think that Aborigines, Papuans and traditionally living Africans look less beautiful, but that image is incorrect. In fact, when people switch to Western foods, such as white flour products, sugar

Calcium during pregnancy

  1. An example of calcium intake, which many traditionally living mothers take before and during pregnancy can be found in Suriname

Calcium is ingested all over the world

  1. Also in Fiji, the Melanesians living there make special long detours to catch crab for food before, during and after pregnancy. Crab contains many minerals. Pregnant Eskimo mothers eat extra fish eggs. African peoples have the habit of the pregnant woman to eat extra mineral-rich ashes from the water hyacinth. In the Netherlands, it is nowadays also recommended to take extra calcium. In addition, it is said that it is good to take synthetic vitamin D, but there is no scientific evidence that this is good. Moreover, it is never said that it is not good to take various artificial E-numbers as they disturb the calcium balance. There is a large number of E numbers that should definitely not be eaten by pregnant women, but the Dutch are not taught about this. That is one of the reasons that in the Netherlands and other Western countries more and more children are born with a physical or psychological disadvantage.

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