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Gallbladder pain: Causes of pain in and around gallbladder

  1. The gallbladder is a pear-shaped structure located on the right side of the body, just below the liver. The gallbladder is connected to the liver. The liver releases bile into the gallbladder. Bile is a yellow-brown liquid that is necessary for the digestion of fats in the small intestine. In some circumstances, the gallbladder is unable to complete its function and the patient experiences gallbladder pain. Pain in or around the gallbladder is caused by many conditions, such as gallbladder inflammation or gallstones. Eating certain foods is also more likely to cause gallbladder problems. Many symptoms are possible, such as fever, abdominal pain and chest pain. Drug treatment, medical procedures and surgery can be used to treat the underlying problem. Treatment is necessary, otherwise it will lead to various complications.

Gallbladder pain causes

  1. Cholecystitis Cholecystitis is the medical term for "gallbladder inflammation." The inflammation of the gallbladder often results from gallstones blocking the bile ducts. Other bile duct problems and tumors in the gallbladder also lead to blockage of the flow of bile. The patient experiences severe pain in the right part of the abdomen, pain in the right shoulder or back, nausea, vomiting and fever

Diagnosis and investigations

  1. Interview and physical examination

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