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Gelsemium: use in alternative medicine

  1. Gelsemium is a plant from which the substance gelsemine is obtained. In high concentrations this substance is poisonous, but in low concentrations it can be used by humans without any problems. Although its effectiveness has not been scientifically proven, gelsemium tincture is used in alternative medicine for various ailments. For example, it would help against stress and anxiety and the effects of the flu. Gelsemium is available in tincture form through health food stores and web shops.


  1. What is Gelsemium? Efficacy of gelsemine Use of gelsemium in alternative medicine Availability gelsemium

What is Gelsemium?

  1. Gelsemium is a plant genus belonging to the flowering plant and the family Gelsemiaceae. The genus Gelsemium has three species, one of which occurs in Asia (the Gelsemium elegans) and two in North America (the Gelsemium sempervirens and the Gelsemium rankinii

Effectiveness of gelsemine

  1. Gelsemium is known to contain some active components. In the plant, for example, there are alkaloids in a concentration of approximately 0.5%. Many known alkaloids have neuroactive and psychoactive properties and some are used as stimulants or entheogens. There are also various alkaloids that are used as medicines such as codeine, morphine and quinine. In the case of gelsemium, this mainly concerns the substance gelsemine

Use of gelsemium in alternative medicine

  1. Animal experiments have shown that gelsemium can have a positive influence on stress and anxiety-related complaints

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