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Going to the toilet is normal

  1. Many pregnant women suffer from constipation or constipation. You can try some tips first, otherwise there is IberoLax * that effectively and naturally stimulates bowel movements.

  1. You are pregnant, yes! But your body is going to change. Suddenly you have things like nausea, low energy or bloating. The bad guy? Often times, it's your hormones, but even the baby getting bigger and bigger can literally get in the way.

What is constipation?

  1. Constipation, a neat word for constipation. We speak of it if you go to the toilet less than once every 3 days. Can happen even if you are not pregnant. But the chance does increase as soon as you are pregnant. In the beginning, this is due to your hormones, which ensure that your body retains more water. This causes the stool in your intestines to dry out more than usual. This makes it difficult to move through your intestines and the stool can dry out and harden further. Later in pregnancy, the growing fruit gets bigger and bigger. Your organs have to make way for the uterus. This can compress the intestines, which can also cause stool to remain in the intestines for too long.

Go to the bathroom normally As you can see, water plays an important role in your stool. Too much is not good, but neither is too little! The most important tip is to drink enough water. In addition, a healthy diet, with sufficient fiber, is also important. Finally, you stimulate your bowels when you move. Think of a walk or cycling, or dancing. Curious about the 10 tips from IberoLax? If these tips do not have and you are already constipated, you better not wait too long to treat. IberoLax works with the water in your body to soften your bowel movements. It ensures that more water is retained in the intestines and thus makes the stool softer. This happens naturally, without cramps, stomach pain or sudden urge. If you are pregnant, it is important to first consult your midwife or doctor. A IberoLax is a medical device. Read the instructions before use. Consult a doctor for more than 2 weeks of use. Do not use IberoLax for intestinal stenosis, intestinal perforation, intestinal inflammation and intestinal obstructions. KOAG / KAG no. 80-0420-1466. Don't miss anything anymore?

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Don't miss anything anymore?

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