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Gray skin around piercing

  1. More and more people are getting a tattoo or piercing. Body jewelry has been on the rise for years. Many people sometimes do not consider the difference in quality of body jewelry and what the consequences can be of less qualitative material. One of the most common problems is the formation of gray skin around the affected piercing.

Discoloration due to cheap material

  1. The cause of discoloration on the skin is usually due to the use of cheap material. In cheap jewelry stores you can find piercing jewelry at reasonable prices. These are marked on the packaging as silver gems, but what most customers do not realize is that the actual percentage of silver used is less than 1%! These jewels therefore contain a lot of other metals that oxidize through contact with, among other things, body moisture and thus cause gray spots on the skin. Argyrie The term used for this appearance is Argyrie. It is a dermatological condition in which certain spots on the skin appear gray. This can be caused by silver, silver dust or bonds (eg silver iodide). Silver salts settle in the surface of the skin, they oxidize through contact with the sun and body fluids. Argyrie was very common in Europe in the 18th and 19th centuries, because silver solutions were used in bulk in the most common medicines, as a result of which people get far too high values ​​of silver in their bloodstream and thus contaminate themselves. There were no small spots, but the whole body was infected. Usually the nails are the first to discolour and the condition spreads throughout the body.

Surgical Solution

  1. Argyria is irreversible according to medical sources. In the past, people often turned to laser therapy or the removal of the top skin layer. Often these methods did not help. The main reason for this is that the silver attaches itself to the deepest layers of the skin, so tackling the top layers does not save.

Alternative approach

  1. The complete removal of the gray stains is a hopeless task, although an attempt can be made to reduce the visibility by applying the following:

  2. The complete removal of the gray spots is a hopeless task, but an attempt can be made to reduce the visibility by applying the following things:

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