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Grog. How do you make a grog against the flu?

  1. How do you make a grog? Grog is an old home remedy that used to be drunk often to reduce flu symptoms. A real grog contains alcohol and since alcohol drops the body temperature slightly, this can have an effect on fever. It used to be the custom to take a grog against flu, nowadays people rely on modern medicines. Yet the recipe for grog has not been lost.

Does grog help with flu?

  1. Although it is not recommended by doctors to drink a grog, there are stories of patients with fever

Grog with beer

  1. Sometimes the water is replaced by light beer in grogs containing rum. Tea is also used instead of hot water, for even more flavor to the grog. Do not add lemon in combination with milk in the same toddy, because milk curdles from lemon juice.

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