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Harmful E-numbers

  1. E numbers, also known as additives, can be found in many products. Even foods that may seem healthy at first can still contain harmful E numbers. Unnoticed, this means that more harmful substances are ingested than is good for the human body.

E-numbers, Additives

  1. E-numbers, also called additives, are additives that "improve" foodstuffs, for example by giving them more color, aroma or volume. They are also used to keep food longer. Usually they are chemical compounds that, in excess, can be harmful to humans and animals. Our body can deal very well with a small amount of harmful and toxic substances, which are neatly cleared by our immune system. But if the quantities become too large, this can lead to serious health problems. Every person reacts differently and it does not have to mean that if one gets a lot of a certain substance, one actually becomes ill. It's like smoking: smoking increases the risk of lung cancer, but there are people who live to be 90 years old!


  1. Coloring agents can also fall under E numbers and are used in many foods. Here too, if too much is ingested, it can have unpleasant to harmful consequences.

Eat wisely, eat everything in moderation

  1. The above tables can probably be quite scary for some people. But again: remember that excess is harmful! This applies to all products and foods. For example, drinking 6 liters of water in one go can also be deadly! Eating a red colored candy really does not cause acute cancer. But continuously ingesting an excess of harmful E-numbers can lead to harmful side effects in the long run!

Avoid E-numbers

  1. Prevention is better than cure. It won't be easy to avoid E numbers, but you can limit it as much as possible.

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