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Healing a bruise

  1. A bruise can quickly develop: especially in the elderly, athletes or playing children. An accident happens quickly, and a bruise can sometimes be quite painful. How does the healing proceed, how long does it take and how can it be accelerated?

What causes a bruise?

  1. A bruise on the skin is caused by a hard fall or impact. A bruise is also sometimes referred to as a bruise or hematoma. A subcutaneous bleeding occurs as a result of a fall or impact. Small blood vessels under the skin tear or break from the hard fall or impact. The blood is leaking from the blood vessels.

Healing of a bruise

  1. After a hard fall or impact, which causes a subcutaneous bleeding, a blue-red spot will soon become. The site is strongly delimited and can be small to very large. This depends on the amount of leaked blood from ruptured blood vessels. The blue-red spot will then change color, usually to purple, sometimes also first to black and only then to purple. The color change is caused by the cleaning up of the leaked blood.

A bruise can be painful

  1. A bruise that causes a bruise can be very painful. Sometimes there is pressure pain when the spot is pressed, but sometimes also touch pain. A simple touch can be quite painful. This also depends on the size and depth of the bruise. The more damage under the skin, the more painful it is. people with thin skin are also more likely to feel pain from a bruise.

Speed ​​up healing

  1. It is best to immediately cool the skin after a fall or impact: this reduces swelling and the leakage of blood. The pain can be reduced by cooling the area at the time of pain with a frozen wet sanitary napkin with a washcloth around it. A cold pack can also be used. Paracetamol can sometimes relieve severe pain. It is best not to burden the bruise. Yet this is not always possible: for example when the bruise is on the buttocks. Then sit on a soft cushion to minimize the stress on the area.

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