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Healthy eating and diet without weight loss

  1. The most common reason people look for healthy food and diets is because they want to lose weight. But there are of course many more reasons. You may feel that you do not respond equally well to every type of food. You may simply be interested in responsible choices. Or you want to avoid (in the future) gaining weight. Maybe you often sit still at your desk or computer and you don't want to reach for snacks while working or gaming. In short, if you are looking for a healthy way of eating while you are completely healthy and do not want to lose weight, it is actually quite difficult to find the right information. Because how do you choose a responsible diet without losing weight?

Carbohydrates, sugar and starch

  1. Source: Daria Yakovleva, Pixabay

Healthier alternatives

  1. Now for the fun part: what can you keep (or go) to eat and how do you replace those tasty products with something that is equivalent but much healthier? Which gives you energy, makes you feel full and after a few weeks you notice that you have become fitter and maybe even happier? In short, how do you switch from 'sin' to 'healthy'

Delicious unlimited food and drinks

  1. Source: Sunnysun0804, Pixabay

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