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Healthy snacks from different diets

  1. Snacks make or break a healthy diet. The extra pounds that stick around often have to do with taking unhealthy snacks. A few cookies, that bag of nuts or that chocolate snack a day really make the difference. Opt for healthy snacks and you will start to lose weight quickly. A selection from the range of different diets.

Correct choices

  1. Healthy eating is all about making the right choices. According to the Nutrition Center that means:

Sonja Bakker

  1. An introduction for Sonja Bakker is actually not necessary. With her self-composed weekly menus, she put a lot of Dutch people on a diet and a lot of kilos have been lost. According to her, her diet's golden formula for success was never to skip a meal. If you do, your body will make up for the damage caused by the unnoticed bad snacks. Sonja Bakker insists on fruit and raw vegetables. The following snack list is "sonja-proof":


  1. Snacks are absolutely not forbidden at WeightWatchers. View the number of points per snack and make a choice. For example, fresh fruit is 0 points and 10 grams of mixed nuts is 1.5 points. WW gives the following tips on their site:

What you eat is you

  1. Nutritionist Gillian McKeith explains the link between food and health. With the nutritional advice she provides, she promises to make the reader slimmer, happier and healthier. Some characteristics of her diet are: lots of fruit and vegetables, fruit and vegetable juices, sea vegetables (seaweed), no alcohol, seeds, nuts, legumes and grains, and cook the food as little as possible, so eat raw. Healthy snacks are, according to her:

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