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Herbal wisdom; Turmeric. A 'Super' foodstuff / herb

  1. The series of 'super' foods certainly also includes 'Turmeric'. Turmeric is an ocher-yellow colored spice that is also reminiscent of Saffron or, for example, Curry, but that it is certainly not. In the Netherlands, Turmeric is not yet so well known that everyone has it in his or her spice rack, as is the case with nutmeg, pepper, curry and paprika, but in Eastern cuisine it is an important part in the preparation of dishes. .

What is Turmeric?

  1. Turmeric (Turmeric, Curcuma, Kunyit, Koenjit, Koenir, Haldi, Turmeric, Pallilo) belongs to the ginger family. It has a mildly bitter taste and, as mentioned, is yellow to yellow ocher in color. In Eastern culture, Turmeric is not only used as a medicine or spice, but also as a dye for coloring textiles.

Why is Turmeric so great?

  1. In the East people seem to be much more aware of healthy herbs and foods than we in the West. But, gradually we Westerners are also becoming wiser and realize that many foods also have a medicinal effect. And that is also the case with Turmeric.

Difficult for the body to absorb

  1. The disadvantage of Turmeric is that it is difficult for our body to absorb the substance. But something has been found. It has been found that when you combine Turmeric with pepper, our body absorbs this 1000x better than without pepper. So when you use Turmeric in a dish it is wise to also use pepper.

What can you use Turmeric in now?

  1. To start with, you can always easily use turmeric in Oriental dishes. It speaks for itself. But also in sauces or soups, on various meats, in curries, in vegetables, to color rice yellow. Well, so in fact everywhere. It is best to use Turmeric as much and as often as possible in all kinds of dishes.

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