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Herbs - Herbal Use

  1. In Herbs Healthy from A to Z, the articles on Healthy Herbs, various herbs are described. Some of these herbs are used in eg. Phytotherapy or its Homeopathic remedies. Others are for sale at the greengrocer, in herb shops, toko's or can be grown in your own garden or balcony. Fresh herbs can be processed and prepared themselves, eg in the form of herbal tea, herbal juice, herbal oil or herbal syrup. This article describes how the preparation works.

Fresh Herbs Dried Herbs

  1. Fresh herbs

Spice preparation

  1. The correct preparation

Herbal Tea Infusion

  1. For Herbal Tea

Herbal Pillow

  1. Fill a pillowcase with the herbs or plant parts that work for the existing complaint or condition and place it on the affected area.

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