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Home remedies for coughing

  1. Coughing is a frequent phenomenon and can be accompanied by an irritated throat and other complaints. Home cough remedies include cough syrups and tea, but it is also wise to look at the type of cough and the cough itself.

Cough Drops

  1. Cough syrups are often used when you have to cough frequently. However, most cough syrups contain all kinds of chemicals, which means that not everyone is happy to use them. An alternative is to make your own cough syrup.


  1. Instead of drinks and tea, you can also go for spreads that you smear on the chest or inhale, for example. Inhalation ointments containing camphor or menthol can be applied to the chest or throat. Think for example of Vicks VapoRub.

Tea against cough

  1. Thyme tea relaxes the respiratory system, relieving complaints. To do this, add two tablespoons of fresh thyme to a cup of hot water. Let this steep for a while, remove the herb and drink the tea. Licorice root dissolves the mucus and relaxes the alveoli. Licorice tea is available ready-to-eat in supermarkets.

When to see the doctor?

  1. Most coughs generally disappear on their own after about one to one and a half weeks. However, if you are coughing or coughing up green and / or bloody mucus for more than four weeks, you should consult a doctor. The cough can be a symptom of another (serious) condition.

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