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How do I make healthy pancakes?

  1. Healthy pancakes are easy to make and you can vary endlessly. Forget the old-fashioned pancake with ham and cheese, or the plain with pouring syrup. Traditionally, the pancake made with white flour, eggs, milk and a little butter. All these ingredients together fill the stomach, but a good whole meal is it actually isn't. For that you miss vitamins and minerals from, for example vegetables.

Tips for a healthier pancake

  1. Instead of plain white flour, choose wholemeal or multigrain flour. It contains more fiber than white flour and is therefore healthier. Use oil or liquid baking and frying products. This contains less saturated fat. Fill the pancake with tasty stir-fry vegetables for example, or top it with spinach and mushrooms, or eggplant and tomato. In the mood for sweet? Choose for fruit. Who does not know the version with apple and cinnamon? But also pear, banana or even apricots or figs is a special alternative to pouring syrup or sugar.

Our recipes

  1. Mediterranean pancakes with tomatoes, olives, walnuts and oregano Pancakes filled with spinach, mushrooms and egg Gluten-free pancakes with buckwheat flour or rice flour Pancakes filled with fruit Filled pancakes

Ready-made or do it yourself?

  1. Er are also alternatives to making it yourself: pre-packaged ready-to-eat pancakes and pancake mix. Useful if you're short on time, but some ready-made mixes and pre-baked pancakes has added extra sugar and salt. Some variants are extra sweetened. Look closely at the label to see what's inside.

Baking tips

  1. With these tips you can bake your pancakes beautifully light brown: Don't fry them too hot. Turn the pancakes regularly. Remove them from heat when they are light brown.

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