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How long can you keep quark, milk and yoghurt?

  1. How long can you keep quark, milk, yoghurt and other dairy products? And what can you do when the date has passed. Enter a product of your choice in the online Storage Guide below and find the answer.

  1. Up to and including the best before date Cottage cheese, milk, yogurt and other dairy products have a 'best before' date (best before). Up to and including this date, the quality is guaranteed to be good. After the best before date After the best before date, the quality of the product may deteriorate somewhat. You can often still eat or drink the product safely. Use your senses to judge whether the cottage cheese, milk or yogurt is still good. Still looking good? And don't you smell anything strange? Then taste a little. Is the taste still good? Then you can still eat / drink it well and you don't have to throw anything away. Opened product If you have already opened a product, you can keep it in the refrigerator for a few more days. For quark and yoghurt this is about 5-7 days, for milk 3-5 days.

Recipes with leftover yoghurt, quark or milk

  1. A leftover curd cheese, yoghurt or milk can be processed in a: Curry or soup: Use leftover yogurt as a cream substitute in soups and curries. Marinade or yogurt dip: with a squeezed clove of garlic, pepper and paprika you can turn your leftover yogurt into a delicious marinade for pork, chicken or as a dip for baguette. Sauce like tzatziki: mix a little yogurt with half a grated cucumber, a clove of garlic, a teaspoon of ground cumin. Smoothie: puree it with some fruit in the blender with milk or yogurt. Yogurt ice cream: with a little yogurt and fresh fruit you can make ice cream very easily. In the recipe finder

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