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How many calories are there? - Calorie Checker

  1. With the Calorie Checker you can see how many calories there are in a product and how much fat, saturated fat, protein, carbohydrates and fiber.

What is a healthy product?

  1. Each product has different nutritional values. A product is not necessarily healthy or unhealthy. It can contain many good or less good substances, but you will not become healthy or unhealthy from eating 1 product.

What is a healthy diet?

  1. A healthy diet is a good balance between everything you eat and drink, for example within 1 month. This mainly includes the products from the Wheel of Five, but occasionally something that is outside the Wheel of Five can also be included. A weekly fries, for example, can fit into a healthy diet, if you make other healthy choices from the Wheel of Five.

App 'Do I Choose Healthy?'

  1. With the "Choose Me Healthy?" App you can easily scan, search and compare products. In the supermarket or at home on the couch. This way you can also check the nutritional values ​​of your favorite brand and easily compare them with other products. View in Play Store View in App Store

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