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How many carbohydrates are in green beans?

  1. 0.9 grams of carbohydrates in 1 serving spoon (50 grams) green beans of which 0.6 grams of sugar

What are healthy products with carbohydrates?

  1. There are many types of products with carbohydrates. Healthy to take are products such as wholemeal bread and wholemeal pasta, bulgur, wholemeal couscous, potatoes, legumes, vegetables and fruit. These are in the Wheel of Five, are full of fiber and offer health benefits. Less healthy are products with a lot of (added) sugar and few good nutrients such as soft drinks, juice, biscuits and sweets.

How do green beans fit into your diet?

  1. You now know how many carbohydrates there are in green beans. Do you want to know how many carbohydrates you take every day? In My Eetmeter you can keep track of what you eat and drink for a longer period of time. This online diary then calculates how much energy and nutrients you consume in total.

Different quantity or different product?

  1. Do you want to choose a different quantity or unit of green beans? You can adjust this in the calorie checker. You can also see how many carbohydrates it contains for a completely different product.

App 'Do I choose healthy?'

  1. With the calorie checker you get an average nutritional value for a product. But there may be differences per brand. For example, one pasta sauce is not the other pasta sauce. With the 'Kies I Healthy?' App you can also check the nutritional value of your favorite brand. With this app you can scan, search and easily compare products. View in Play Store View in App Store

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