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How much (decaffeinated) coffee can I drink?

  1. We have a coffee maker. You throw in the beans. The coffee is ground and you have your fresh cup of coffee. Now I read that unfiltered coffee is not that good because of cafestol. Is that risk the same if you use decaf coffee? I drink an average of eight cups of coffee a day.

  1. Patricia Schutte, nutritionist Coffee does indeed contain the substance cafestol. Cafestol increases LDL cholesterol. Too much LDL cholesterol in your blood sticks to the lining of your arteries. This increases the risk of a heart attack or stroke, for example.

Degree of filtering

  1. The better the coffee is filtered, the less cafestol it contains. How high the cafestol content is depends on the filter of your appliance. In the table below you can see in which types of coffee the cafestol content is the lowest and how much you can best drink each type per day. Coffee machine Cafestol content Maximum per day Machine with a paper filter Lowest  +/-  4 cups *   Dispenser with a metal or nylon filter Moderate 2-3 cups Machine with liquid coffee concentrate or freeze-dried powder Lowest  +/-  4 cups *   A A A Put yourself A A Coffee made with a paper filter Lowest  +/- 4 cups *   Coffee from coffee pods Lowest  +/-  4 cups *   Instant coffee Lowest  +/-  4 cups *   Coffee made with a percolator Lowest +/-  4 cups *   Espresso  Moderate 2-3 cups Coffee from cups   Moderate 2-3 cups Coffee made with a cafetière High 1 cup Boiling coffee Highly Don't drink this coffee * Healthy adults can take in about 400 milligrams of caffeine per day with no negative effects to be expected. That equates to about four cups of coffee a day. Different advice applies to children, young people, pregnant and breastfeeding women.

Decaffeinated coffee Cafestol is also found in decaffeinated coffee. For coffee with a moderate or high cafestol content, the maximum per day therefore applies. For example: for decaffeinated coffee from a machine with a metal filter, the maximum of 2-3 cups applies. But what about if you drink coffee with a low cafestol content, such as made with a paper filter? The maximum of four cups is based on the caffeine, so if you are drinking decaf coffee you should have more than four cups of coffee. Do you also have a question? Then ask one of our experts. Always go to your doctor with urgent questions, the experts are not the right person for that. They also don't make diagnoses. You can find the other conditions here. Patricia Schutte has worked for more than 25 years as an information officer at the Netherlands Nutrition Center in The Hague. She answers questions about healthy, sustainable and safe food. A Don't miss anything anymore?

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