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How sustainable is cheese?

  1. Cheese is quite bad for the environment. A lot of land and energy is needed to make cheese. Greenhouse gas emissions are also high, which is not good for the planet. To make 1 kilo of cheese, you need about 9 to 10 liters of milk. In addition, hard cheeses, such as Gouda cheese, ripening for months. It also takes energy to get the storage areas to the right temperature. All of this has an impact on the environment.

Sustainability of animal products

  1. Meat has the highest environmental impact of all our food. Red meat, such as beef and pork, tops the list, making it the worst for the planet of all types of meat. Other animal products such as white meat (such as chicken), cheese, fish, eggs and dairy (such as milk and butter) are also high on the list.

Hard cheese or soft cheese

  1. If you would like to eat cheese, but would like to make a more sustainable choice, then it is better to opt for soft cheeses such as mozzarella, cottage cheese and “dairy spread”. Soft cheeses are more sustainable because they are less concentrated than hard cheese, such as Gouda or Leerdammer. Less milk is used to make them, and they contain more water. Because less milk is used, there is less CO2 emissions and less land and energy is needed. And because the cheeses do not have to ripen for months as with Gouda cheese, it also takes less energy.

  1. In the video below Corné van Dooren, Sustainable Food expert at the Netherlands Nutrition Center, explains what choices you have when you want to eat cheese and pay attention to sustainability. amp

Cheese in the Wheel of Five

  1. Every day 40 grams of cheese is included in the Wheel of Five (about 2 thin slices). But cheese is also high in saturated fat and salt, which is why it does not contain all types. In the Wheel of Five: 10+, 20+ or ​​30+ cheese with not too much salt Dairy spread Hüttenkäse Mozzarella Fresh goat cheese

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