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How to treat an abrasion

  1. An abrasion is a skin damage caused by scraping over a rough surface. The epidermis is affected and a scrape can be quite painful. This pain is caused by the nerve endings in the skin being damaged. After an abrasion has developed, the body immediately activates its system to repair the damage. You will notice that a superficial scrape has formed a scab very quickly. The crust is therefore the best plaster.

The treatment

  1. Every wound must be properly cleaned. So also a scrape. Many people think that the wound should be disinfected with betadine or iodine. This indeed kills the bacteria, but it also affects the healthy skin cells so that the wound will heal less quickly. It is best to first 'bleed' the wound and then rinse carefully with lukewarm water so that the dirt can be rinsed out. After that, it is best to let the wound air dry. If you put plasters on it, the wound will remain wet and the chance that the wound will infect is much greater.

When to see the doctor

  1. In principle you do not have to go to the doctor for an abrasion. it is advisable to go to the doctor if:

When should the wound be covered

  1. As I have already described it is best to let the scrape dry in the air. If the wound is under the clothing and there is a chance that the wound will stick to the clothing, it is still wise to cover it. This is best done with sterile gauze. Even if there is a chance that dirt will enter the wound again, it is advisable to cover the wound. Remove the gauze when it is no longer needed. This prevents the wound from becoming contaminated.

Is a tetanus shot necessary?

  1. With an abrasion the chance of an infection by the tetanus bacteria is very small. If it has been years since you had that injection, it is still advisable to see your doctor to get the injection. After all, this way you can be sure that you are well protected.

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