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Improving your breathing volume

  1. Our breathing is important to us. There is a lot of information about how we should breathe. But what if you need your breath a little more for your hobby or sport? Like a musician playing a wind instrument. In this article you will find exercises to increase your breathing volume.

Belly and chest breathing

  1. It is all too often talked about the importance of abdominal breathing, but it is no coincidence that we have chest breathing within our capabilities. We often just use our chest breathing at rest. All too often it seems that chest and abdominal breathing are two completely separate techniques, while they are inextricably linked and there is always a combination of the two. Belly breathing does ensure that we can relax better, have more strength and make better use of our lung volume.

Exercise to increase your maximum breathing volume

  1. We cannot change our lung volume. That is fixed. But when we breathe normally, our lungs don't fill up completely when we breathe in, but they don't empty when we breathe out either. As we breathe deeper, we increasingly seek the limits of what we can breathe in and what we can breathe out. You can push those boundaries with this exercise:

Other tips to keep your lungs in optimal condition

  1. Do not smoke / quit smoking. Take a few deep breaths in and out regularly. Exercise intensively regularly. Fight obesity. Try not to cough too often.

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