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Is alcohol in food harmful to children or pregnant women?

  1. Dishes containing alcoholic beverages are not suitable for pregnant women or children. Some alcohol is always left behind, even though alcohol evaporates or evaporates. As a precaution, we therefore advise not to eat these types of dishes as a pregnant woman or to give to children. There are many ways to use alcohol in recipes. Think of sauce made from red or white wine, liqueur in tiramisu, flambéed banana, liqueur bonbons and mussels stewed in beer. These recipes may contain a small amount of alcohol.

Alcohol after cooking and stewing

  1. Na more than 2 hours of stewing foods to which alcohol has been added is more than 90% of the alcohol disappeared. With shorter heating, more alcohol remains: approx. 40% after heating for 15 minutes.

  1. Alcohol after flambéing After flambéing about 75% of the alcohol present in the dish. To flambé is to set one of them on fire pre-heated highly alcoholic drink, which is over a prepared dish cast.

Alcohol during storage

  1. When stored in the refrigerator or at room temperature from dishes or sauces containing alcohol, the alcohol content will increase by 10 to 20% off.

Alcohol and pregnancy

  1. If you are pregnant, it is better not to drink alcohol at all, not even half a glass. More information about alcohol and pregnancy and a free online course on this subject can be found at

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