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Is eating apricot kernels dangerous?

  1. Yes. Apricot kernels contain dangerous plant toxins (cyanogenic glycosides). In the body these can plant toxins are converted into cyanide (hydrocyanic acid). A high dose of cyanide can reduce the obstruct breathing and cause cardiac arrest. Also the you can eat peach kernels, plum kernels, cherry kernels and avocado kernels cause health problems. If you accidentally swallow a seed from, for example, an apple or a cherry, it will not hurt immediately. The kernel is not digested by the body and is simply excreted. If you chew the kernel, a small amount may be released. That is not immediately a problem. But don't grind the seeds in a blender or hand blender to sprinkle them on your food or in a smoothie.

Not a panacea

  1. There are on the Internet many jubilant stories about eating apricot kernels. That it for example helps against cancer. Or about ground avocado seeds. They would help with weight loss, intestinal problems, lower cholesterol, and so on. This one effects have not been proven.

Thorough investigation

  1. What is it has been proven that you can get very sick from eating seeds from stone fruits, such as apricot kernels, peach kernels, plum kernels, cherry kernels or avocado seeds. These plant substances can also be found in pear seeds and apple seeds. The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) calculated that an adult in 2016 when eating a whole raw apricot kernel can all the safe health limit exceed. Bee children, this limit is even lower, so they are more likely to become ill turn into.

Cyanogenic glycosides

  1. Cyanogenic glycosides are also contained in, for example, bitter almonds, elderberries, flax seeds or exotic root vegetables such as cassava. The almonds for sale in the store are often sweet almonds and shapes no problems. Eating apricots as a fruit is also no problem.

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