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Is ginger healthy?

  1. Using ginger as a seasoning is part of a healthy diet. Fresh ginger (ginger root), ginger tea, ginger powder and ginger pickled in vinegar are included in the Disc of Five. Candied ginger in syrup is not listed in the Wheel of Five, because sugar has been added to it.

Uncertainty about the effect of ginger on health

  1. There is a big difference between using ginger as a seasoning in your food and using ginger as a medicine. Much is said about ginger. From relieving menstrual cramps to the idea that it could help treat cancer, diabetes or rheumatism, ginger is said to have a variety of health effects. This could be due to substances in ginger with an anti-oxidative or anti-inflammatory effect. But if you look at the scientific research that has been done, these kinds of effects have not been demonstrated. Much of the research that has been done has been carried out in test tubes or with laboratory animals. The studies were also only done with certain substances in ginger, ginger concentrate or ginger oil, and not with the whole ginger. You cannot simply translate these kinds of studies into normal use of ginger. More well-designed human studies are needed to demonstrate the health effects of ginger. Read more about different types of research

Ginger for nausea

  1. Ginger may help with morning sickness. The evidence is limited and not every study reaches the same finding. Do you suffer from morning sickness? Always discuss what to do about nausea with your doctor or midwife. Ginger (in the form of supplements) also seems to be able to relieve nausea during chemotherapy. Even then it is important to consult with your doctor. More information about ginger in chemotherapy can be found at There is no claim approved by the EFSA

Ginger Recipes

  1. Ginger is a flavor enhancer in food. You can use fresh ginger sliced ​​or grated. Ginger tea is also popular. 5 recipes with ginger: Ginger tea Stuffed trout with ginger sauce Brussels sprouts with ginger and shiitakes Stir-fried chicken with ginger Cold carrot soup with ginger and cilantro

Can you say that one product is healthy?

  1. You cannot actually say whether one product is healthy. It always depends on how much or how often you eat or drink it. We can therefore say whether a product fits in a healthy diet. Read more

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