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Is herring healthy?

  1. There are different types of herring, of which the Hollands Nieuwe (Maatjesharing) is best known in the Netherlands. Herring is available fresh, canned and in glass. Fresh herring is the healthiest of these. But with the fresh ones you have to be careful with the amount of salt. What about the minerals and vitamins in herring? And what about the amount of mercury in herring? So the question is: is herring healthy?

Types of herring

  1. Hollands Nieuwe (Maatjesharing) Brine herring (salted herring) Sour herring Bokking (smoked herring) Tipper Herring Herring in tomato sauce

Minerals in herring

  1. Sodium

Vitamins in herring

  1. Vitamin D

Mercury in herring

  1. Herring contains very low amounts of methylmercury compared to salmon and tuna. It is therefore safe to eat.

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